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Creative Lighting Course

Creative Lighting on location is a great way to achieve balanced images between exposure of background and subjects. This is going to be a very quick blog to quickly show you what is achievable with creative lighting.

Keep in mind that this can be done with various modifiers and lights, not just the ones I used for this shoot. I chose to use the Profoto B1 heads as it allows me to take my studio lighting onto location! Now that is awesome. Having said that I also use Nikon Speedlights and have done for years. I am lucky enough to have access to the Blue Mountains and all its splendour, which can make for some amazing backdrops.

The issue the model and I had in the following shoot was that due to time constraints etc we had to shoot in harsh noon sun. What better way to show the power of creative lighting!

This is a very quick and easy set up. I used a soft box on one flash and no modifier on the second. You could use umbrellas, different shaped soft boxes and various other light modifiers for your creative lighting.

Ok so down to business. The first shot is an ambient exposure to expose for the model, you can see the harsh light and how the background blows out and looks very ordinary. Not a flattering shot and definitely not something you would be giving to a client or adding to your portfolio!

Creative Lighting Course

So then we add some light to get the shot we want. Once again with this picture you can see that by not adding light and exposing for the background now, the model is hardly lit at all. Quick tip…sandbag your light stands, especially with a soft box on it. It acts as a sail in the wind and you can see that if this blows off the edge of this extremely high mountain……well you get the picture 🙂

Creative Lighting Course

So then we turn our lights on and we are able to light the model how we want and still have our background exposed well. If you want to learn more about lighting in studio and on location we have a creative lighting course ready to roll!

Creative Lighting Course

I can teach you how to do this with incredible results. Its easy to learn I don’t hold back any ‘secrets’ and the benefit for me is that you can do it yourself. I teach you exactly how I do it.

This is very achievable and we are utilising a very basic set up, We will cover so much more. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Book into one of my one on one training courses for that specialised tailor made course or if you are more comfortable being taught in a group, book into one of our group courses.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and we will work out a day, time and location that you want to utilise to capture some amazing images. Beach, mountains, people, food or pets I will get you up and running to smash out the goods.

I will always be friendly, approachable and my number one goal is to teach you how to create amazing shots that will astound you and also your friends.

I regularly teach one on one lighting training, and other genres of photography and you can check out our Group Photography Training Courses on our website 

We have just added a new creative lighting workshop on location in the Blue Mountains and in our studio. Our one on one training sessions in Sydney the Blue Mountains or the beach will enable you to shoot like a pro.

There is nothing that comes close to playing with light when it comes to photography. In essence we are capturing light. Its fun, achievable and my job is to get you to understand, control, manipulate and have a professional photographers awareness of light.

God created the light, I just paint with it!

There is also nothing better than having a one on one course with me so we can discuss and work on your specific requirements and guide you to get exactly what you want to achieve with your images and lighting possibilities.

Contact me on 0405 806 951 or check out my website to discuss your needs and the results you specifically want to achieve.

Whatever you do don’t purchase that great camera and not create some amazing images. Thats a tragedy, you spent hard earned money on a camera to get amazing! not mediocre results.

If you are getting crappy shots on your big purchase then in all honestly you may have as well used a smartphone. You love photography, you want to shoot like a pro photographer, you owe it to yourself to understand what I teach, otherwise you wouldn’t have made the purchase. There is an innate need in people to be drawn to light, so let me teach you how to capture light and create amazing images.

You owe it to yourself to get the benefit out of the purchase you made and utilise it to create professional images. Its simple, easy and the concepts I teach will astound you.

I will give you my utmost attention,training and share my skill level to create that ‘WOW’ factor that you want to achieve. Otherwise why did you invest in purchasing an amazing camera, regardless of brand or model.

Book today and learn concepts that will enable you to trouble shoot exposures, control light and understand your specific camera. I will help you create the amazing images you want to achieve.

Im here to make that happen! Im here to guide, support and help you get the best out of your camera in the least possible time. Book today and lets get you creating some cracking imagery!

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