Newborn Photography Blue Mountains

It is always a privilege for us to photograph a newborn in our Blue Mountains studio and be a small part of such an amazing little persons life.

Late yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing little Gabriel Michael Revill and the added bonus was it was done and dusted before NSW took out the series!! I know his Mum will read this….need any more tissues Abby?

It can be daunting for a parent to take their newborn to a studio for a photoshoot, how are they going to be, will they vomit on the photographer? I think being a parent of two of the most underphotographed gorgeous children myself it prepares you for most things that could happen. Go figure Photographer talking about Newborn Photography Blue Mountains and his kids are underphotographed. Anyhow thats a blog for another time. Gabriel was a really chilled out guy, just took it all in his stride much like NSW in the State of Origin.

Most parents, myself included find that you blink and the kids have changed so much. Thats why its so important to book your newborn photography as soon as you can. Most would also say don’t work with children or animals…I do both. Yes sometimes it is easier to photograph adults however the random emotions that young children display are what is so cool about photographing newborns. Adults tend to stiffen up and often need to act more like a child. So both have their own set of challenges.

Newborn Photography Blue Mountains

Usually, like me once they have some food, sleep and a nappy change everyone is happy! We have about 15mins max to capture the images before either the photographer, newborn or parents crack 🙂

We have plenty of coffee so after everyone is topped up we can go again. A session may last 2 hours.

Some things to remember when bringing your newborn into our studio for one of our Newborn Photography Blue Mountains sessions

  • Change of clothes for newborn, possibly one for the parents if baby is prone to sharing their food with Mum or Dad
  • Loosen your babies nappy about 20mins before the shoot to allow the imprint marks to go away
  • Bring any toys, blankets, family heirlooms that you want included in our newborn photography Blue Mountains photography session
  • Your patience
  • Its ok if your baby sleeps, these can make the best images of the session and it allows you as the parent time to chill out for a while

Newborn Photography Blue Mountains

It is bitter sweet being a parent, stressful at times and so fun and rewarding at others. Sometimes it can be hard to even venture out of the house, however you will be thankful later when they are all grown up and you did capture those early days with some professional images from Richard Bulley Photography. Contact us to book your session.

We aim to provide a relaxed atmosphere so that we can capture some awesome images of your newborn, you can see more images in our people portfolio.

Like I said time really does fly by as a parent so organise to get some great shots today

Newborn Photography Blue Mountains

A big thank you to little Gabriel Michael Revill for being such a champ at his first photo shoot. Hopefully I will be photographing him playing his first game for NSW down the track….don’t forget me when you make the side buddy!!

Newborn Photography Blue Mountains