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Contact us about purchasing prints or our upcoming Photography Workshops in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Photograher
Blue Mountains photographer


Blue Mountains Real Estate Photographer

We provide professional high quality images for residential and commercial properties from Lithgow to Sydney.

High quality photographs are the winning edge in today’s market and we ensure the listed property is displayed at its best.

Contact us and see the difference we can make to your listing.

We have been helping families and agents see their properties for years

It gives us great satisfaction to be able to be a part of that next stage in your life or career and having exceptional images helps

Often our clients go on to get portraits of their families or pets and we see many milestones in peoples lives by initially taking images of their home.

To make the best images possible we need your house to be spotless

Yep thats the garden and shed too.

We will work around your times to capture the best images of your home or business

Look at our corporate gallery for images appearing on clients sites.

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At Richard Bulley Photography, we are all about creating imagery with passion.  We are passionate about and love the art of photography, which you can see through our Portfolio.

Should you have a particular photograph you would like captured for your home or office, contact us and discuss your idea with us. We will be delighted to help you create the imagery you want.

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We also run Photography Courses in the Blue Mountains

We teach you how to to read the light and adjust these settings accordingly to give you a correct exposure and creatively capture your scene based on the light in your scene. I do give you some base settings initially but by the end of the course you will have an understanding of how to apply the concepts and have the tools to troubleshoot the lighting issues you face and then become more creative with your shots. You will understand why an image turns out the way it does instead of ‘stumbling’ across the correct settings for what you are trying to achieve.

It then comes down to like anything in life ‘practice’.

‘Theory without practice is time wasted’