Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Blue Mountains


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9am – 11am

Learn Photography with award winning photographer Richard Bulley Photography. We run regular courses with a maximum of 3 students per course to give you the best instruction available.

We guarantee to get you to the next level in your photography.

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Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Blue Mountains – Saturday 3rd September  

Richard is a Nikon Australia Lecturer and Blue Mountains Photographer who currently mentors individuals ranging from people who have just purchased their camera to those wanting to establish their career in photography. Come and join us on our Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Blue Mountains and experience what your camera is capable of with post editing.

The Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Blue Mountains is for photographers wanting to learn or increase their editing skills using Adobe Lightroom.

Courses can be tailored to the needs of the individual or group. Topics taught include:

  • Lightroom Overview
  • Overview at the different modules and the settings/options
  • Catalogues
  • Collections
  • Exporting for print or screen
  • Importing Images
  • Exporting Images
  • Composition
  • JPEG and Raw
  • Image editing overview
  • Colour and white balance

Hands on experience. 9am- 11am. You will have a ball on our Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Blue Mountains, its a great day out in the Blue Mountains learning to edit your images, we limit numbers to 3 so you get the best instruction possible.  We start with an overview of Adobe Lightroom, and look at utilising Lightroom for our workflow. You can bring along some existing images on your laptop and run them through the process as well.

Check out our FB Page or Instagram Page for course images from our Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Course Blue Mountains

Check out our Photography Course Tips on our Blog Page

or our other courses Blue Mountains Photography Courses and our Night Photography Courses Sydney where we will give you hands on experience and the concepts to learn how to use your camera more effectively and get the most out of your camera. We teach you how to to read the light and adjust these settings accordingly to give you a correct exposure and creatively capture your scene based on the light in your scene. I do give you some base settings initially but by the end of the course you will have an understanding of how to apply the concepts and have the tools to troubleshoot the lighting issues you face and then become more creative with your shots. You will understand why an image turns out the way it does instead of ‘stumbling’ across the correct settings for what you are trying to achieve.

It then comes down to like anything in life ‘practice’.

‘Theory without practice is time wasted’

What are you waiting for why not Treat Yourself  or your Partner Today

Richard also runs courses for Nikon Australia

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