Waterfall Photography Blue Mountains

Everyone loves a great waterfall shot and there is an abundance of fantastic waterfall photography in the Blue Mountains

With all the rain about in the Blue Mountains recently the opportunities for waterfall photography in the Blue Mountains has increased as many of the falls are weather dependent.

Here are a few considerations for waterfall photography in the Blue Mountains.

  • Do I want to freeze the water or blur it.
  • Do I have a tripod if I want to slow down my shutter speed to blur the water.
  • How much light is about.
  • Do I have filters if there is too much light.
  • Am i prepared to get wet (in some cases you will need gum boots or waders)
  • The rocks get slippery.
  • Enjoy the view not just the image you are capturing.
  • Is my gear insured!

Find a good vantage point and set up your tripod (be prepared to move locations as tripods seem to stay in the one spot when opened!!) I bought a lazy tripod with cement legs 😉 Try using different composition techniques, keep it simple!

Try a portrait shot as in the image below.

Waterfall Photography Blue Mountains

Try a landscape frame like in this shot below. Here we incorporate some framing to the subject and give the viewer a sense of being there.

Waterfall Photography Blue Mountains


Also try using a very wide angle lens to capture an abundance of the beauty, this one was shot at 14mm

Waterfall Photography Blue Mountains

So for a quick recap

  • Slow down your shutter to get that blurred water effect.
  • Stabilise your camera.
  • Scope out your shot before putting up your tripod….they hate moving once set up 🙂
  • Change your viewpoint.
  • As photographers we capture light so your settings will be based on your understanding of Aperture, ISO and Shutter to create the desired outcome. We teach you all this in our courses.

We run regular courses in the Blue Mountains which cover waterfalls and some beautiful landscapes please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions richard@richardbulley.com.au

Waterfall Photography Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains have a web page with a wealth of info in the area